Andrew Back

FutureEverything Festival 2012

No Numbers, Lumen Spiritus Sancti and Time for Tea? were installed at Handmade as part of the FutureEverything 2012 Festival, 19th May 2012, Manchester.

Netaudio London 2011

No Numbers was installed at Netaudio in association with the Mute Records Short Circuit Festival, 15th May 2011, London.

Kinetica 2011

Time for Tea? was installed at the Kinetica Art Fair, 3rd - 6th February 2011, London. VIR badges were on sale in the Kinetica shop.

Andrew Back describes 'Time for Tea' as a satirisation of the British sense of impotence when the nation meets complex global problems and the typically English way of dealing with them. He's seamlessly customized a 1950's voltmeter to measure real time fluctuations in the National Grid power supply to indicate the best, and worst, time to put the kettle on - Artvehicle 54/Review, By Phil Harris
The traditional British response to anything happening is, of course, a cup of tea. Andrew Back... was showing Time for Tea? It uses the same principles that power stations have to monitor surges and looks like it came straight out of a school science lab in the 50s or 60s. ‘ Steady on!’ indicates when it measures a power supply deficit, while a surplus makes it point to ‘ More Tea?’ - FAD: Kinetica Art Fair Review, By Herbert Wright
You needn’t expect a lot of rambling speculation about what the world will be like when we are all cyborgs; a lot of the work on show provides a more subtle foil for organic life. Andrew Back’s ‘Time for tea’ is a vintage voltmeter that provides a live reading of the power deficit or surplus in the national grid, which as we all know, is determined by the amount of people making tea at any one time - ForteanTimes: Kinetica Art Fair, By Jim Bond

Unleashed Devices

No Numbers was installed at the Unleashed Devices exhibition, 1st September - 22nd October 2010, London.

In a work currently on display at the Watermans Gallery, hacker Andrew Back has turned John Foxx's slice of 1980's electronica Dr No into a sequence of numbers. Gallery visitors are encouraged to write down the numbers on a paper pad thus transforming the work from one form to another — Tech Know: Hacking the everyday, By Mark Ward Technology correspondent, BBC News

Soho Shorts 2010

Lumen Spiritus Sancti was installed at tenderproduct to coincide with Soho Shorts film festival, 22nd - 29th July 2010, London.


No Numbers was installed at Mirrorball, 9th April - 31st July 2010, London.

Kinetica 2010

No Numbers and Lumen Spiritus Sancti were installed at Kinetica Art Fair, 4th - 7th February 2010, London.


No Numbers was installed at DNA, 27th - 31st July 2009, London.

Over at the Horse Hospital, DNA was a short art exhibition in praise of and inspired by the pioneering work of John Foxx. Rather than a retrospective, all the work here was contemporary and featured a blend of the analogue and the digital... Most interesting to me was Andrew Back’s No Numbers which breaks down the 3’18” of Foxx’s own Mr No into sets of numerically displayed digital samples that, if transcribed on the paper provided at the rate of one number per second, would take four weeks to transcribe - Inpress, 18th August 2009, By James McGalliard